Why has Christopher Nolan not yet won an Oscar?

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Christopher Nolan, the early directing Oscar favorite for “Oppenheimer,” has been somewhat overlooked by the film academy, given his esteemed status in the industry.


Of Nolan’s five Oscar nominations, two were for best picture (“Inception,” “Dunkirk”), two for writing (“Memento,” “Inception”) and just one for directing (“Dunkirk”), despite …


… Directors Guild of America film nominations (“Memento,” “The Dark Knight,” “Inception,” “Dunkirk”)


Nolan has not won an Oscar, but his movies have snagged almost a dozen, including Heath Ledger’s posthumous supporting award for “The Dark Knight,” the first acting win for a comic-book film.


Nolan is snubbed in the directing and picture categories for “Dark Knight.” The ensuing backlash prompted the academy to widen the best picture field to …




“The Dark Knight Rises,” Nolan’s conclusion to his Batman trilogy, failed to score a single nomination.


Nolan receives directing and picture nominations for his first history-inspired epic, “Dunkirk.” This bodes well for “Oppenheimer.”


Oscar nominations received by Martin Scorsese by age 53—Nolan’s current age. He has drawn nine more and a directing Oscar (”The Departed,” 2007) since, and at …


… is still fierce competition for 53-year-old Nolan, with “Killers of the Flower Moon,” indicating that the younger filmmaker still has ample opportunity to add an Oscar, more nominations and half an hour to his movies’ 3-hour run times.

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