Whataburger launches branded Fortnite map and tournament

Whataburger announced today that it’s launching its own Fortnite Bedwars map, and shortly it’ll also hold a branded tournament called “Breakfast in Bedwars.” The map goes live today, and an elimination qualifier begins on July 17, with the top four teams going on to compete in main event on July 22. The competition offers a $25,000 prize pool, with the winning team receiving a $10,000 grand prize.

The Texas-based fast food chain opens entries for potential players today through July 15. The map itself is based on the popular Bed Wars mode, in which players try to destroy each other’s beds. In this case, the beds are within Whataburger restaurants, and the map features lots of Whataburger-themed items and scenery, including Spicy Ketchup speed boost consumables, Breakfast Burger power-ups and Table Tent vault keys.

Whataburger created the map in partnership with efuse, erena, Click Media Group and McGarrah Jessee. Michael Anderson, McGarrah Jessee’s creative director, told GamesBeat why the company chose to make a Fortnite map.

“The Whataburger + Fortnite collaboration came together naturally for us,” said Anderson. “First of all, Whataburger fans are like no other, and it turns out a lot of them are also gamers who love Fortnite. The McGarrah Jessee team knew early in the process that we wanted to give our fans a little extra, by authentically contributing to the gaming community, as opposed to just serving ads within beloved games.”

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Davis Alcorn, Whataburger social media manager and Miranda Grubbs, Whataburger’s senior PR specialist, told GamesBeat in an interview that the map and tournament sprang from an interest in appealing to gamers in their own environment: “Sure, we could just keep advertising our burgers to them on gaming websites or on Twitch, but wouldn’t it be more exciting if we created an actual Whataburger world that our fans could explore with their friends? Showing up authentically for our fans is always our goal, and getting to realize what Whataburger would be like in the Fortnite universe was a blast.”

Bringing Whatavibes to Fortnite

Grace Watkins, Click Media CEO, told GamesBeat that Unreal Editor for Fortnite (UEFN) offers lots of possibilities for branded content: “With the introduction of the Unreal Editor for Fortnite (UEFN), brands can now create custom, immersive experiences that are authentic to both their brand and to gamers. Brand integration possibilities go far beyond the current surface level integrations that is possible in most other mediums … . Whataburger’s iconic and vibrant branding pair really well with the light and fun vibes of Fortnite.”

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In addition to the map and tournament, Whataburger is also bringing back its signature mascot character, Whataguy. First appearing in the ’90s, this superhero is not always seen in relation to Whataburger’s restaurants — according to the company, he’s currently the ambassador for its community support program Whataburger Feeding Student Success. Whataguy returns to the main stage as an NPC in Breakfast in Bedwars. Players who find him can receive a key to his vault full of weapons and upgrades during the tournament.

Alcorn and Grubbs said of Whataguy’s return, “We are obviously team Whataguy here, and he’s been popping up at events and openings IRL recently, but we knew long time Whataburger fans would be excited to see him dancing around our Breakfast in Bedwars map and tournament. There may not be a deep thought behind those beautiful, big eyes, but there may just be a key that will give your team access to a vault full of all the weapons and upgrades you need to win!” No word on whether Whataguy’s sidekicks, Addaboy and Lil’ W, will also make appearances.

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