Watch brave farmer feed 10,000 hungry crocodiles fresh meat every day

Think you have a stressful job? Try clocking in to hand dinner to thousands of snapping maws full of razor-sharp teeth.

Panya Siangjong of Nakhon Pathom, Thailand, faces off with 10,000 hungry crocodiles every day, feeding the ravenous creatures with buckets full of raw meat on his crocodile farm.

Wearing nothing but causal clothes and a pair of rubber boots, Siangjong enters the crocs’ habitats bearing gifts of chicken and other meat scraps, where he empties the meals for hundreds of eager mouths of all sizes.

Despite their big appetites, the giant reptiles allow Siangjong to traverse their living quarters, apparently recognizing the importance of not biting the hand that feeds them. For his part, Siangjong said he has been at crocodile farming for two decades, when he entered the trade in search of a stable, gainful income.

Having raised most of the crocs on his farm from hatchlings or an otherwise young age, Siangjong’s years of experience and the relationships he forms with the animals in his care allow him to go about this job with relative safety and ease.

Videos taken at the farm last month offer a glimpse into Siangjong’s daily routine, which entails satiating swarms of scaley crocodilians with meat dumped by hand inside their enclosures or thrown over the fence.

While his nonchalant demeanor is a bit of a shock to most, it’s all just another day on the job for Siangjong, who probably could one-up most of us with stories about his day at the after-work happy hour.

Brave farmer fresh feeds meat to crocodiles

Brave farmer fresh feeds meat to crocodiles

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What is a crocodile farm?

Crocodile and alligator farms specialize in breeding and raising the animals in order to produce and sell meat, skin used for leather and other byproducts.

The farms can be found in countries across the world, including Thailand, Vietnam, Africa, Cambodia, Australia, Papua New Guinea, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Colombia, Honduras, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Bolivia and the United States.

Thailand, where Siangjong is located, is a specifically popular location for crocodile farming. The venture can be very profitable, racking in hundreds of thousands of dollars a year for singular farms and circulating millions in the global economy from international trade.

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This article originally appeared on USA TODAY: Watch crocodile farmer feed 10,000 hungry crocs fresh meat every day

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