Walking with Lawrence

Launching in November 2018, Walking with Lawrence is an audioguide tour of Nottingham, exploring the relationship that writer D. H. Lawrence had with the city.

The aim of the project is to offer a creative heritage interpretation that allows visitors to discover more about D. H. Lawrence, as well as delve deeper into Nottingham and its literary history. Complementing current offerings in Eastwood, we hope that Walking with Lawrence will become a popular attraction for tourists and residents alike. Walking with Lawrence will be hosted via the iTunes podcast app and available to download digitally from the Modernist Podcast website.

Produced by researchers at Nottingham Trent and the University of Birmingham, Walking with Lawrence is an interdisciplinary project designed by those working across literature, heritage and the digital humanities. Having held a successful fundraising drive through Kickstarter, the project has hired a student intern from the University of Nottingham and is paying them above living wage.

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