Wahaaj tables by Shaikha Al Sulaiti

Dezeen Showroom: Doha-based brand Shaikha Al Sulaiti has released a series of translucent tables that reference motifs found in traditional Qatari architecture and design.

Wahaaj tables come in a spectrum of kaleidoscopic colours that reference the stained glass windows found in traditional houses in Qatar.

Wahaaj tables by Shaikha Al Sulaiti
Wahaaj tables come in five geometric shapes

Moulded plastic creates the tables’ semi-transparent forms – the plastic is inlaid with recycled fabric, creating a mottled finish that casts dynamic shadows when light shines through it.

Blocky shapes formed from repeated squares in various arrangements recall the furniture used by nomadic Bedouin people, and can be connected and used in combination to create adaptable compositions.

Wahaaj tables by Shaikha Al Sulaiti
Recycled yarn encased in plastic creates wave-like patterns

Each constituent square has a raised lip around its perimeter, allowing cushions and trays to be placed inside, furthering the tables’ functionality and further referencing Bedouin furniture items.

The tables form part of the brand’s wider Imagining Utopia collection, which contains furniture and lighting that aims to celebrate Qatari heritage through the medium of contemporary design.

Product details:

Product: Wahaaj tables
Brand: Shaikha Al Sulaiti
Contact: [email protected]

Material: recycled yarn and plastic

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