These Are The Anti-Sweat Products Scary Mommy Editors Swear By

It’s so, so hot. And we are all so, so sweaty. And you know what that means: chafing and damp, clammy, sweaty misery. Between your thighs, under your boobs — all over the place. But we all know there’s a limit to the amount of time you can spend indoors in your air conditioning before your kids go completely and totally feral. And we’re all hitting that limit at this point in the summer, just as it gets really hot.

So what’s a mom to do? You want to go outside, but you don’t want your bits and bobs chafed to hell. That’s not fun (not to mention that once you let the whole chafing situation get too bad, you’re basically out of commission until things heal). But don’t worry, Team Scary Mommy is dealing with all the same complaints… and we’re here to help. We put our heads together to round up all the products that we’re using to get ourselves through the most sweltering months of the year. We’ve got powders, we’ve got deodorants, we’ve even got a couple pairs of undershorts. Load up your cart and try them all, if you really want to be thorough.

Megababe Bust Dust

As News & Social Editor Katie Garrity put it, “There is nothing worse than boob sweat. A couple sprays of this powder, and you’ll be dry all day. Just dry off after the shower and spray it on your chest, underboob, and even in your bra.” It’s designed for the boob area, but hey, put it wherever you want! That’s your business! Also, “Bust Dust” is an incredible name.

Gold Bond Body Powder

Alternatively, if you want something you can grab from your local grocery store, there’s always good old Gold Bond.

Anti-Chafe Stick with Shea Butter + Colloidal Oatmeal

This one comes from our Deputy Editor of News & Social, Sarah Aswell, who shared this astonishing fact: “It literally stays on even if you go swimming.” Science, or witchcraft? Who cares!

Carpe Sweat-Absorbing Breast Lotion

If your issues are boob-specific and you’re afraid of getting powdery fingerprints everywhere, try this sweat-busting lotion.


You also don’t HAVE to use a product specifically for boob sweat or thigh chafing! You can simply use a stick deodorant, reports our Editor in Chief, Kate Auletta: “It truly smells like light powder and goes on streak-free. I use it for chub rub all summer (and beyond).”

Old Navy Bike Shorts

As an alternative to creams and powders and sticks for the chafe-prone parts of your legs, specifically, you could also opt for shorts! (As a bonus, they’ll cover your butt if you’re often squatting down to buckle stroller straps or wipe noses or tie shoes.) Sarah reports: “I wear these under all of my dresses — they have pockets for your cell phone, too.”

Thigh Society Cooling Short

If you want something a little thinner — less of a traditional bike short, more of a pair of underwear that pulls double duty — there’s also Thigh Society. Sizes go all the way to 5XL/6XL, too, in a wide variety of colors and lengths.

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