The new ‘rules’ for social media marketing in beauty

The new rules for social media marketing in beauty

Generation Z has grown up with social media as a part of their everyday lives and this makes them a ‘tough crowd’ when it comes to attempting to sell them beauty products via social media.

“They probably know the platform better than most Marketing Directors and they WILL call you out for getting it wrong,”​ said Ellie Hooper, Account Director at London-based The Goat Agency, which has worked with big beauty brands such as NIVEA.

“The feedback loop has become even more instant, and intimidating, on TikTok. This can be scary, but it’s also a fantastic opportunity, as never before have brands been able to instantly gather so much customer feedback and sentiment.”

Another issue that many beauty and personal care brands face right now is that there are just so many platforms to choose from. It’s hard to know where your ideal customer is digitally socialising and limited time and budget can make it impossible to be present in every possible space.

And finally, the current mortal enemy of global marketeers is the deinfluencing” trend, which has over 400 million views on TikTok. This involves influencers sharing the ‘overhyped’ products they DON’T recommend buying.

Despite all these challenges, Hooper said it’s also becoming more crucial for beauty brands and marketing agencies to demonstrate the effectiveness of TikTok as a revenue channel.

“Brand marketers are having to look more holistically at TikTok and figure out ways of creating great, trend-led content with the potential to go viral, that also leads to demonstrable revenue” ​she explained.

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