Swiss Central Bank Urged to Add Bitcoin to Balance Sheet

A group of Bitcoin advocates in Switzerland have launched a campaign to convince the Swiss National Bank (SNB) to add Bitcoin to its balance sheet. 

The nonprofit organization 2B4CH aims to hold a national referendum to amend Switzerland’s constitution to require the central bank to hold Bitcoin.

According to 2B4CH founder and chairman Yves Bennaïm, this move would help Switzerland maintain its political neutrality and sovereignty in an uncertain global environment. 

“We are in the process of completing the organizational preparations for the committee and preparing the documents that must be submitted to the State Chancellery in order to start the process,” Bennaïm stated.

To achieve a referendum under Switzerland’s system of direct democracy, the advocates must collect 100,000 signatures from Swiss citizens within 18 months. With Switzerland’s population around 8.77 million, roughly 1.15% of the populace needs to sign the petition. This signature requirement posed challenges when 2B4CH attempted a similar referendum in 2021.

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Luzius Meisser, President of the Bitcoin trading platform Bitcoin Suisse, supports the new campaign. “By including Bitcoin in its reserves, Switzerland would mark its independence from the European Central Bank. Such a step would strengthen our neutrality,” Meisser said.

Meisser believes adopting Bitcoin could make Switzerland billions; he previously advised the SNB to allocate over $1 billion monthly to BTC instead of German bonds. However, SNB Chair Thomas Jordan has thus far resisted, claiming Bitcoin does not meet the reserve criteria.

The campaign has won support from Bitcoin advocates globally, including German politician Joana Cotar. “Now comes the popular initiative that wants to oblige the National Bank to buy Bitcoin,” she tweeted.

If successful, the move could make Switzerland the first country in the West to hold Bitcoin reserves. This mirrors El Salvador’s groundbreaking adoption of BTC as a legal tender in 2021. Proponents argue integrating Bitcoin would diversify the SNB’s assets and signal Switzerland’s commitment to financial innovation.

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