Sources: $16 million per year for Jim Harbaugh

The Chargers, stung by the perception that they’re cheap, apparently broke the bank to get Jim Harbaugh back in the NFL.

Per multiple sources, it’s believed the former Michigan coach will receive an average salary of $16 million per year from his new team.

Harbaugh’s deal, based on prior reports, covers five years. If it’s all guaranteed, that’s an $80 million commitment.

Some will ask if he’s worth it. Well, what’s a good coach worth? Look at the number of players making more than $16 million per year. Consider some of the names. A good coach is worth more to a team than $16 million per year.

It’s always difficult to know exactly how much a coach makes. Some teams have an official salary for the coach paid by the team, supplemented by payments from other businesses the owner runs. Even then, none of the information is publicly disclosed.

There’s no salary cap for coaches. There’s also no union. Plenty of people in league circles believe collusion is real when it comes to what coaches are paid.

Regardless, Harbaugh will be getting paid plenty by the Chargers. If he does what he did for Michigan and before that the Chargers, it will have been worth every penny.

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