Silk, Great Value plant-based beverages recalled across Canada

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) has recalled a selection of plant-based drinks after discovering they could be contaminated with listeria.

Stores across Canada are being told not to sell, serve or distribute the following 15 products from the Silk and Great Value brands, and anyone who has them in their fridge should not consume or use them.

The recalled products were manufactured by Danone Canada.

Contaminated products include the following, all in 1.89 litre packages with best before dates up to and including Oct. 4, 2024, with specific Universal Product Codes (UPCs):

  • Great Value Almond Beverage Unsweetened Original.

  • Great Value Almond Beverage Original.

  • Great Value Almond Beverage Vanilla.

  • Silk Almond and Coconut Unsweetened.

  • Silk Almond Original.

  • Silk Almond Dark Chocolate.

  • Silk Almond Unsweetened.

  • Silk Almond Unsweetened Vanilla.

  • Silk Coconut Original.

The products below have also been recalled in 1.75 litre containers, with best before dates up to and including Oct. 4, 2024, with specific UPCs:

  • Silk Oat Original.

  • Silk Oat Vanilla.

  • Silk Oat Dark Chocolate.

  • Silk Oat Unsweetened.

  • Silk Oat Unsweetened Vanilla.

  • Silk Almond and Cashew Unsweetened.

  • Silk Almond and Cashew Unsweetened Vanilla.

As well, Silk Coconut Unsweetened drinks in 1.89 litre cartons with best before dates leading up to and including Sept. 27, 2024, with the UPC 0 25293 00244 9 are being recalled.

The federal agency says food contaminated with listeria may not appear spoiled. Symptoms of listeria includes vomiting, nausea, fever, aching, headache and a stiff neck.

The CFIA says in its recall notice that its investigation into the plant-based beverages came after an investigation into a food-borne illness outbreak.

It stated that there have been reported illnesses linked with the consumption of the products, but did not specify how many people had been infected.

Anyone who believes they’ve become sick from consuming one of the above products should contact a health-care provider, the CFIA says.

Siyun Wang, a food safety engineering professor at the University of British Columbia, said while listeria isn’t as common as other food-borne bacteria like salmonella or E. coli, its mortality rate can be as high as 30 per cent.

She added those with weakened immune systems, like pregnant or elderly people, are particularly vulnerable.

Wang added there is some research that suggests pathogens, including listeria, grow better in plant-based milk than cow’s milk.

A spokesperson for Danone Canada said in a statement that the contaminated products were linked to a specific production line from a third-party manufacturer based in Ontario.

“We are deeply concerned about these reports and take this matter extremely seriously,” the spokesperson wrote. “We continue to focus our immediate efforts on protecting our consumers with care through this swift recall, and conducting a thorough investigation with our third-party manufacturer.”

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