Season Six of The Dragon Prince Is Looking Mighty Ominous

This teaser starts out so nice. A hug montage! Hugs for everyone! Or not quite everyone. Following one of those disconcerting shots where you’re inside the mind of someone waking up, as they blink the world into focus, we find Claudia, who is looking a little rough. “Everyone leaves,” she says flatly to Terry. “But you’re never going to leave me.”

This is never a good sentence.

Season six of The Dragon Prince has the subtitle “Stars,” and the only dialogue in this teaser that isn’t Claudia’s unnerving encounter is heard in voiceover: “We are, all of us, stardust. Held together by love… for an instant.” Netflix isn’t yet offering a synopsis; the trailer’s description just says, “In the dark, the stars show their faces.”

Five seasons in, it’s incredibly hard to sum up The Dragon Prince, which is set in a world where humans, elves, and dragons coexist, if not exactly peacefully. Last season, Claudia (Racquel Belmonte) searched for the prison of the Startouch Elf Aaravos (Erik Todd Dellums), hoping that he could help her keep her father, Viren (Jason Simpson), alive. But she wasn’t the only one searching for Aaravos; Ezran (Sasha Rojen), his brother Callum (Jack De Sena), and Rayla (Paula Burrows) were trying to get to the elf’s prison first.

If you want to revisit season five, Emmet Asher-Perrin’s review is here for you. If you want to think about season six… well, Claudia’s having a time, isn’t she? No hugs for her. Only trauma.

The Dragon Prince is co-created by Aaron Ehasz and Justin Richmond, and its penultimate season arrives on Netflix in 2024.

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