Retired But Want To Work? Try These 8 Jobs for Seniors That Pay Weekly

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Working in retirement is often a completely different experience than “having to work” during a traditional work career. For many seniors, working in retirement is actually enjoyable and a huge benefit, both mentally and financially.

Retired But Want To Work? Try These 8 Jobs for Seniors That Require Little to No Experience
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Whether you’re looking to pad your retirement savings or simply keep your mind and body fit, there are plenty of opportunities available for seniors to pick up part-time, remote or even full-time work — and some even pay weekly. Depending on the skills and abilities you developed during your working career, you may even be able to draw a high hourly rate for your service.

Here are some common jobs that are available for seniors, with a focus on those that pay weekly.

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Pay range: $16.50 to $24 per hour

Numerous companies are in need of caregivers, and most will train workers who have no experience. Hours can often be flexible, ranging from part-time to full-time and with caregivers in charge of their schedules. Depending on your hours worked, you may even qualify for benefits, although you generally won’t if you’re choosing the part-time option.

Warehouse Associate

Pay range: $20 to $21 per hour

Companies like Amazon and UPS are always in need of warehouse workers, especially during the holiday seasons. In the case of UPS, you can apply online and be approved and even schedule your first work hours within 25 minutes.

Bear in mind that for these types of jobs, you’ll usually have to be physically fit and capable of picking up packages as heavy as 70 pounds.

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Pay range: $20 per hour

If you’ve got a green thumb, or just a desire to work outdoors, you can sign on as a lead or assistant landscaper. Both individual homeowners and communities as a whole are always in need of beautification and maintenance, and you’re likely to find that your services will be in demand. If you’re just looking for part-time work that pays weekly, you can sign on with an existing company and just head to work sites as directed.

Substitute Teacher

Pay range: $25 to $41 per hour

Schools are always in need of substitute teachers, and various companies now hire teachers and facilitate their scheduling for schools. Even on a non-credentialed job, you can earn as much as $25 per hour, while those with advanced degrees or special ed certifications can earn near the top of the range. You’ll get paid weekly and can earn a high rate for even sporadic work.


Pay range: $15.50 to $17 per hour and up

Checkers or cashiers at local supermarkets and retail stores are constantly turning over, offering an opportunity for seniors looking for part-time work that pays weekly. Since these types of jobs are generally plentiful, you can likely choose to work at your favorite store or the one most convenient to your home.

Shipping Clerk

Pay range: $18 to $19 per hour

Many companies, especially those with a large number of purchases like hospitals and warehouses, need shipping clerks to help process all of those incoming and outgoing shipments.

As a shipping clerk, you’d do everything from record, track and organize incoming packages to creating shipping labels and manifest for those on the way out. Depending on the size of the organization, you may only have to work weekends and/or afternoons.

Delivery Driver

Pay range: $9.85 to $31.50 per hour

Just as companies like Amazon and UPS need warehouse workers, they also need delivery drivers, especially around the holidays. These jobs are readily available but bear in mind that they can be quite physical in nature, requiring the lifting of heavy packages and running to and from delivery locations.

UPS offers seasonal work for delivery assistants as well, who assist full-time drivers with packages by organizing and transporting them, essentially doing everything except actually driving the truck.

Online Teacher/Tutor

Pay range: $40+ per hour

If you’d prefer to work from home, you can pick up clients as an online teacher or tutor and make a decent amount of money depending on how long you want to work. This type of job is among the most flexible on this list, as you can generally pick and choose when you’re available for your clients.

If you join a teaching/tutoring company, you’ll typically earn less money, but you’ll have a built-in client base right off the bat. But if you’re an expert teacher and/or already have access to a group of clients, doing it on your own can be more profitable — and you may even get paid instantly, rather than having to wait every week.

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