Raising the curtain: Josh Horner on doing real estate differently, creating connections with clients and marketing that goes viral.

Josh Horner knows how to choreograph success, one client at a time.

Adept at grabbing an audience’s attention and keeping it, Josh has rewritten the script as a dancer on Broadway, a choreographer at Disneyland and now he’s doing it with real estate.

As director of The Horner Agency, Josh has built an attraction brand and redefined what it means to engage, educate, entertain and exceed expectations in an industry where trust, time, and confidence are currency.

In today’s edition of the Elevate podcast, hosted by Kylie Dulhunty, Josh gives a master class in how to tap into the emotion behind a sale and use it to connect with clients and craft memorable experiences that generate word-of-mouth acclaim.

He also peels back the layers on how he creates his viral listing and sold videos, including how to capture and keep attention, how to navigate the fine line between clever and tacky and what to do when a vendor isn’t interested in a humorous video.

Kylie also quizzes Josh on his dance career, how he got into real estate, the unlikely crossover skills between the two professions, and the strategies that took Josh from struggling with real estate basics to the phone ringing off the hook.

And what about his garden gnome logo? With the flair that only he can muster, Josh reveals where the logo concept came from, what it symbolises and how his client gifts continue to market his brand long after the sold sticker goes up.

“Your two words are trust and confidence, with the entire community. If you can build trust and confidence with people, then they’ll listen to what you have to say. Otherwise you just sound like a bloody parrot repeating some scripts or dialogue from some real estate coach.”

Kylie and Josh also discuss

  • On the world stage: A whistle stop tour of Josh’s dance career, including the Australian Ballet, Billy Elliot on Broadway, and choreographing parades for Disneyland.
  • Unexpected turns: How an asthma diagnosis led Josh to dance and how a shot of tequila and a bold audition landed him on Dancing with the Stars.
  • Leap of faith: Navigating loss and homesickness after the curtain fell on his showbiz career and how Josh found new horizons and purpose in real estate.
  • From novice to notable: How Josh transformed from grappling with the real estate basics to a mindset change that propelled him into his new role with determination.
  • The art of real estate: The striking similarities between dance and real estate that Josh leverages to thrive and the power of mastering fundamentals to build momentum.
  • Emotion-driven excellence: Why emotional engagement is the cornerstone of Josh’s real estate strategy and how he crafts unforgettable client experiences.
  • Strategic savvy: Josh’s arsenal of techniques for strategic selling, where integrity, intuitive client insights, and reading non-verbal cues create the ultimate agent-client synergy.
  • Becoming a magnet: Discover how Josh intertwines his dance and real estate personas to build a magnetic social media presence and personal brand as an ‘attraction agent.’
  • Viral listings: Behind the scenes of Josh’s listing videos, including his creative process, how he targets his audience, captures their attention instantly, and the pitfalls to avoid.
  • Brand personification: The quirky tale of choosing a gnome as his logo, alongside Josh’s thoughtful client gifts strategy, which continues to market his brand well beyond the sale.
  • Expanding horizons: Josh’s ambitious plans for team growth, the critical importance of assembling the right crew, and his guiding principle to always spark joy in others.

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