Q&A: Burt's Bees Head of Clinical & Scientific Affairs' insights into AAD 2024 research study presentations

Q A Burt s Bees Head of Clinical Scientific Affairs insights into AAD 2024 research study presentations

In March of this year, Hemali Gunt, Ph.D., Burt’s Bees Head of Clinical & Scientific Affairs presented a trio of the company’s latest research studies and explained their findings at the American Academy of Dermatology’s Annual Meeting. The studies examined the efficacy of different natural topical ingredients and their efficacy on skin conditions including the effectiveness of aloe vera and rice extract as a moisturizing treatment and on the skin microbiome in subjects with sensitive skin, as well as the impact of daily use of a topical pre-biotic on the skin’s microbiome and acne. 

For details regarding the studies, their findings, and the potential industry impact of Burt’s Bee’s research, we spoke to Dr. Gunt for her insights. 

CDU: Can you share some brief background about your professional experience, Burt’s Bees, and your relationship with the cosmetics and personal care product industries? 

Hemali Gunt, Ph.D. (HG)​: I have been a part of the Burt’s Bees R&D group for almost 13 years, leading fundamental research and product research with an emphasis on developing strong evidence for safety and efficacy behind our skin and lip care products. Prior to Burt’s Bees, I worked as a clinical scientist, designing and conducting clinical trials for a wide variety of products ranging from personal care, OTC to drugs and devices – the experience was enriching!

The personal care and cosmetics market is vast, but the industry, as I see it, is still relatively small. The community embraces connections, transparency, partnerships, and collaborations. It is one of the most dynamic and innovative industries which blends art and science. At Burt’s Bees, we strive to perfect this blend to drive the brand forward and expand our product offerings to support skin health across all skin types.  

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