Parthos meeting tables by Narbutas

Dezeen Showroom: office furniture brand Narbutas has expanded its Parthos collection by developing its acoustic columns into a series of meeting tables.

The Parthos meeting tables use the same PET felt-covered column design of the original collection, but this time are matched with circular or oblong tabletops that give the cylindrical structures additional functionality.

Parthos meeting tables by NarbutasParthos meeting tables by Narbutas
The legs of the Parthos meeting tables are cylindrical and clad in PET felt

The columns recall those found in classical architecture, and the felt that they are covered in has acoustic properties that helps to reduce background noise in workplaces, leading to enhanced concentration and productivity.

The tables include a hidden PET felt cable tray under the tabletop so that users can keep the area clear and tidy.

Parthos meeting tables by NarbutasParthos meeting tables by Narbutas
A high table variant is available

The Parthos tables are available in conference and meeting variations, as well as a high version for stand-up gatherings and a low version that can serve as a coffee table.

Narbutas’s PET felt contains more than 50 per cent recycled plastic, and the tables are designed for disassembly at the end of their life to facilitate further recycling.

Product details:

Product: Parthos meeting table
Brand: Narbutas
Contact: [email protected]

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