Must Read: The top 5 CosmeticsDesign Articles of Q1 2024

Must Read The top 5 CosmeticsDesign Articles of Q1 2024

#5: Influencer marketing trend analyst shares 2024 beauty trend forecasts​

In this article, we looked at the analysis presented at CEW’s State of the Beauty Industry event and highlighted key insights into social media influencer trends and their anticipated impact on the cosmetic and personal care product landscapes. We spoke to Alexander Rawitz, Director of Content Marketing at CreatorIQ, who provided valuable perspectives on how these trends are expected to shape consumer preferences and brand strategies in the beauty sector. 

From innovative ingredient research to product formulation processes, this article underscored the importance for cosmetic and personal care product manufacturers to adapt to ever-evolving influencer-driven dynamics to stay ahead in the competitive market. 

#4: Univar Solutions’ exec’s predictions for ‘biggest ingredients trends of 2024’ ​

Offering a forward-thinking perspective, executive Thomas Flatley, Global Brand Manager, Beauty and Personal Care at Univar Solutions, highlighted several key trends expected to gain prominence in the cosmetics and personal care products industries in the coming year. These included the growing demand for sustainable and ethically sourced ingredients, driven by consumer preferences for eco-conscious products. 

Additionally, this article underscored the importance of innovation in ingredient technology to meet evolving consumer needs, such as the rising interest in personalized skin care solutions. Furthermore, Flatley emphasized the significance of transparency and traceability in ingredient sourcing, reflecting the industry’s commitment to meeting regulatory standards and consumer expectations for safety and authenticity. 

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