Mark Cuban Asked ChatGPT Whether It Would Hire Trump Or Biden For A 'Job' Based Solely On The Debate Transcript — Here's Who It Chose

After the recent presidential debate between Joe Biden and Donald Trump, entrepreneur Mark Cuban utilized artificial intelligence to provide a unique analysis of the candidates’ performances. Cuban, well-known for his business and television ventures, shared this innovative approach on X, the platform previously known as Twitter. He used the AI tool ChatGPT to assess which candidate might be better suited for a hypothetical job based on their debate skills.

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Cuban’s post on X stated: “I cut and paste a transcript of the debate into ChatGPT and asked it who it would hire for a job.” This sparked considerable interest as it presented a tech-driven evaluation of political discourse.

The AI’s assessment highlighted specific attributes and potential concerns for both candidates. For Joe Biden, the AI noted his “empathy and concern for social issues,” acknowledging these as valuable traits for roles requiring interpersonal skills and focusing on community impact. However, it also pointed out drawbacks in Biden’s performance, specifically his “coherence and clarity,” with the AI mentioning that Biden’s responses were sometimes “unclear and fragmented.”

The AI’s evaluation of Donald Trump recognized his “assertive and confident communication style,” which could be advantageous in leadership positions requiring decisiveness. Yet, it criticized Trump for his “frequent use of hyperbole and grandiose claims,” which might raise questions about his reliability and accuracy in communication. The AI also noted his “lack of specifics,” which could be problematic in roles requiring detailed strategic planning.

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The AI summarized the candidates’ capabilities, stating: “While both candidates have strengths, neither demonstrated all the qualities one might seek for an ideal employee in a professional setting based solely on the debate transcript. Biden’s empathy and experience are valuable, but his communication issues are concerning. Trump’s confidence and economic focus are strengths, but his exaggerations and lack of specifics are problematic.”

It concluded, “Thus, based on the debate performance alone, it would be challenging to decisively hire either candidate without further evaluation of their professional capabilities and specific job fit.”

This analysis not only showcased Cuban’s engagement with cutting-edge technology but also reflected his ongoing critique of Donald Trump. Cuban has consistently been vocal about his views on Trump, often sharing them on social platforms. In this month’s interaction on X, when asked why he holds such strong opinions against Trump, Cuban replied, “I don’t hate the guy. I just don’t want him to be President.”

Mark Cuban’s innovative use of AI to analyze the presidential debate performance reflects his long-standing enthusiasm for technology, particularly artificial intelligence. His interest in AI isn’t new; back in 2017, Cuban predicted that the first trillionaire would emerge from mastering AI technologies, highlighting his belief in the transformative power of AI across industries and sectors.

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