Kevin Conroy to Voice Batman Once More in Posthumous Performance

Kevin Conroy, the voice behind the Caped Crusader in Batman: The Animated Series, Justice League Unlimited, and many more DC projects (including the the Arrowverse crossover event Crisis on Infinite Earths), sadly passed away in 2022. His performances, however, are still continuing, most recently in the video game Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League.

While many thought that Kill the Justice League would be the last time we’d hear Conroy’s voice, IGN is reporting that he also recorded two animated projects before his passing that have yet to be released.

The first is Batman: Caped Crusader from Bruce Timm, a noir take on Batman that is set to come out on Prime Video after Max dropped it in the turmoil after the Warner Bros. Discovery merger. IGN hasn’t confirmed whether Conroy will voice Bruce Wayne/Batman on that series, however, only that he took part in the project.

The other is the third installment of the animated series Crisis on Infinite Earths, a separate endeavor from the Arrowverse special. According to IGN, Conroy does reprise the role of Bruce Wayne/Batman in that special.

We don’t have release dates yet for either of these animated projects, though Batman: Caped Crusader is expected to come out in the next few months. Part one of Crisis on Infinite Earths has just been released, though no official news yet on when part two, much less part three, will premiere. Whenever these projects come out, it’s bittersweet to know that we’ll hear Conroy at least one more time voicing the Dark Knight. icon-paragraph-end

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