Jean Rhys

Panel: Lisa Feklistova, Eleanor Rowe

Lisa Feklistova | University of Cambridge

Lisa is currently a PhD candidate in English Literature at the University of Cambridge. Her doctoral research investigates the formal evolution of the short story in a pan-European context between the 1880s and the 1930s, with specific emphasis on how Europe-wide socio-cultural and historical developments influenced portrayals of migration in English and German-language works. She is currently a member of the European Network for Short Fiction Research. Her recent publications include an article on Joseph Conrad’s novel The Secret Agent for The Conradian.

Eleanor Rowe | Brown

Eleanor is a PhD candidate in the Department of English at Brown, and the current Assistant Editor of the journal differences. She focuses on mid-19th to mid-20th century British and Anglophone literature and culture, with special interests in modernism, gender studies, transnationalism and the postcolonial, and theories of the subject. Her dissertation project explores the relationship between the novel of development and ideas of the aesthetic and social “ordinary” at the turn of the century, and she has just completed a chapter on George Eliot and late Victorian immigration legislation.