Jared Padalecki slams the CW, opens up about 'Walker' cancellation: 'Can't fire me twice'

Actor Jared Padalecki, known for his roles in TV’s “Supernatural,” “Gilmore Girls” and the recently canceled “Walker” reboot, is openly criticizing the CW network after the abrupt cancellation of his most recent show.

Padalecki expressed his disappointment and frustration with the CW’s decision to end “Walker,” despite its popularity among loyal viewers, in a chat with Variety. The actor pointed out significant changes within the network as a key factor behind the cancellation, indicating a shift toward what he called “cheap content” over substantial programming.

Last month the CW announced the discontinuation of “Walker,” a modern-day reimagining of the classic Chuck Norris series “Walker, Texas Ranger” that follows Padalecki’s character, Cordell Walker. The decision to pull the plug on the show, which had completed its fourth season this month, came after what Padalecki says was the network’s decision to take the CW in a new direction.

Padalecki lamented not being able to properly grieve the loss of the series because he was overseas when the news broke.

“I talked with the head of CBS [Studios] and the head of Nexstar/CW, I talked with the other [executive producers] on ‘Walker,’” he said. “My understanding is — and again, this is just what I’m told — that Nexstar is going in a different direction with the CW. They’re changing the network around, focusing more on inexpensive, filler content rather than investing in quality shows.”

Reflecting on his long-standing relationship with the CW, which began in 2005 when he took the role of Sam Winchester in “Supernatural,” Padalecki expressed a sense of disconnect with the network’s current direction. He described the CW under former chief executive Mark Pedowitz, who resigned in September 2022, as a different entity from what it has become today.

“The CW that I was a part of last year is not the CW that I was a part of under Mark Pedowitz for that entire, almost 20-year stretch,” Padalecki told Variety. “It feels like they’re just looking for easy, cheap content to fill airtime.”

Despite the disappointing cancellation, Padalecki hinted at potential collaborations upcoming, including a reunion with “Supernatural” creator Eric Kripke in the final season of “The Boys” on Prime Video.

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