Iconic Comic The Yellow M to Get Live-Action Film Adaptation

The Belgian production company Belga Films has tapped French director Cédric Nicolas-Troyan to helm an English-language, live-action adaption of the 1950s comic, The Yellow M.

The Yellow M is the sixth volume in Blake and Mortimer, one of Europe’s most popular comic book series in the 1950s. The story centers on a villain who leaves a giant yellow “M” at the scenes of his crimes, with Blake and Mortimer called in to investigate. The two uncover that the villain behind these crimes (and also kidnappings) can manipulate others’ minds via taking control of something called the Mega Wave, a part of the brain that makes people compliant and docile to the controller.  

“The strength of the comics lies in its themes, still resonating today,” Belga Studios producer Jean-Jacques Neira told Deadline in a statement. “Brain control through screens endangers our democracies more than ever. As we grapple with the importance of moral responsibility, M offers a timely reminder to embrace critical thinking and positive impact in our era dominated by screens.”

Nicolas-Troyan comes to the project after having directed films like The Huntsman: Winter’s War and Kate. “I grew up with these characters, they are a big deal. They have been around for a while and beloved by many. So, obviously, I’m committed to honoring the comics and bring this rich and colorful universe to life while giving it a contemporary touch with plenty of heart and action,” he said in a statement to Deadline.

He added, “I’m also very excited by the creative freedom allowed on such a European independent production. So, when Belga Films approached me to direct and produce such an iconic property it was impossible for me to pass on the opportunity.”

Jan Kounen (Flight of the StorksCoco Chanel & Igor Stravinsky) and Jay Ferguson penned the script for the adaptation, with revisions by Nicolas-Troyan. No news yet on when the film will go into production, much less make its way to a screen near you. icon-paragraph-end

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