How AI software is helping DTC beauty brands to shine

How AI software is helping DTC beauty brands to shine

CosmeticsDesign-USA (CDU) spoke to Melissa Bridgeford (MB), CEO and co-founder of Wizard Conversational Commerce, an AI-powered, two-way SMS platform designed to help brands provide more personalized and engaging mobile shopping experiences.

In this interview we find out about the potential impact this kind of software could have for DTC beauty brands and how it can help overcome specific challenges and hurdles brands face in this space, as well as getting a look in on where the company’s technology is heading in the future.

CDU: What is the potential impact of conversational commerce as a tool for beauty and skincare DTC brands? 

MB: AI-powered conversational commerce is a powerful tool for beauty and skincare brands to engage, market and sell to their consumers. Customer retention and lifetime value are more important than ever for brands, and traditional SMS 1.0 marketing tactics of batch and blast – with web links and promo codes – are no longer sufficient to meet consumer’s digital needs.

Wizard’s is disrupting the one-way spammy SMS 1.0 space with a delightful two-way conversational AI experience SMS2.0 to drive sales, search and customer service via text.  With Wizard, brands can send interactive and personalized marketing campaigns that generate engagement, data, sales, and loyalty. Meanwhile, consumers get real-time and personalized product answers and recommendations from their favorite brands, while also being able to complete checkout and payments via text, enabling consumers to bypass the web entirely. The result is an increase in repeat purchase rates and consumer loyalty.

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