Gap removes Yeezy products, Gap shuts down YeezyGap site

Gap Inc. will remove Yeezy Gap products from its store shelves, and it has already closed down the website associated with the apparel line. The clothing retailer announced Tuesday.

These moves follow the September termination of the partnership between Gap Records and Ye (formerly known as Kanye West). Ye accused the company of not following their agreement. Ye and the company entered into a 10-year partnership, in which Ye would launch a Yeezy line at the retailer in 2020.

Gap stated Tuesday that Ye’s recent remarks and behavior “further underscore” the reason for the termination of the agreement.

Gap stated in a statement that hate, racism, and antisemitism in all forms are unacceptable and will not be tolerated in line with our values. We are proud to partner with organizations that fight hate and discrimination on behalf of our shareholders, employees, and customers.

Adidas stated earlier Tuesday that it had concluded its partnership with Ye after conducting a thorough review. This was in response to his recent comments. Adidas will stop producing Yeezy-branded merchandise and cease paying the rapper and his companies “with immediate effect”, the retail giant stated.

Ye stated in a tweet that he would “deathcon 3 on JEWISH PEOPLE”. The Associated Press reported that Ye was also blocked from his Instagram and Twitter accounts due to posts that violated platform rules.

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