Gamers spend 25% more time watching streaming TV than non-gamers | Samsung Ads

Gamers spend 25% more time watching streaming TV than non-gamers do, according to a new report from Samsung Ads.

The study, unveiled at IAB PlayFronts, found that gamers are open to ads and are constantly transitioning between playing games and watching streaming entertainment.

The report from Samsung Ads, “Engaging Gamers”, was shared with the audience attending the IAB’s annual PlayFronts event in New York City.

The report, which aims to understand how to reach a vast, highly desirable community, found that gamers are glued to CTV (connected TV), with 77% of all linear minutes watched by just 27% of gamers. It comes as little surprise that they’re engaging with content via FAST (free ad supported TV) platforms like Samsung TV Plus at a 25% higher rate than non-gamers.

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The findings show not only how gamers consume content, but how often. More than 65% of respondents say they regularly switch between playing games and streaming entertainment content within one hour. On average, they spend nearly two hours a day viewing streamed content, with 92% consuming games and entertainment in the same day. Also, more than one-third (36%) of console gamers surveyed spread their time across multiple games and play two to three games within a week, while 64% play just one game within a week.

Samsung Ads has a report about gaming and entertainment.
Samsung Ads has a report about gaming and entertainment.

“We wanted to better understand how gamers are spending their time, what they see as intrusive, and what they appreciate as communicative and relevant when it comes to advertising,” said Justin Fromm, head of insights at Samsung Ads, in a statement. “We know that gamers are passionate about their games, but this study codifies the notion that they are also passionate about their entertainment content and are leaving behind outdated linear TV models. The numbers tell us that advertisers must leverage CTV to reach gamers and make meaningful and organic connections with them.”

Accompanying the “Engaging Gamers” study, Samsung conducted a poll of Samsung Smart TV owners who identify as gamers to understand their attitudes toward cloud gaming services, and their interest in ad-supported paradigms. More than two-thirds said they would be open to ad-supported game services, with nearly 40% of total respondents open to a free or discounted cloud gaming service that shows ads in order to offset the cost of games.

More than half (51%) of Samsung Smart TV owners polled say they primarily play games on a smartphone or tablet with 76% saying they take their games with them, starting a game on one device and continuing on another, presenting additional touchpoints for brands to connect with consumers in bespoke ways.

Samsung Ads continues to develop and bring products to market that empower clients to reach consumers in meaningful, measurable, and innovative ways. Understanding how gamers consume content in and out of the home, on what device(s), and what matters to them will continue to be an area of research and study.

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