Episode 2

Episode 2: Modernism and the Environment

Panel: Ted Howell, Peter Adkins, Rachel Murray

Ted is a PhD candidate in English Literature at Temple University completing a dissertation on modernist fiction, early ecology, and the Anthropocene. His work brings literary history into interdisciplinary conversations about the Anthropocene, and through studies of works by E.M. Forster, James Joyce, Virginia Woolf, and H.G. Wells, illustrates how consistently modernist fiction leverages environmental ideologies and how widely literature shapes cultural and scientific attitudes towards nature

Peter is a CHASE PhD candidate at the University of Kent, where he is writing a thesis that re-examines modernist prose aesthetics in relation to questions of the Anthropocene and the nonhuman. The three key figures in his study are James Joyce, Djuna Barnes and Virginia Woolf. He is also a member of the Kent Animal Humanities Network

Rachel is a third year AHRC funded PhD candidate at the Universities of Bristol and Exeter. Her thesis examines the relationship between modernist aesthetics, insects, and the figure of the exoskeleton, with a particular focus on Wyndham Lewis, D. H. Lawrence, H.D. and Samuel Beckett

Featured NTU Researcher: Veronika Schuchter // @V_Schuchter