Episode 1

Episode 1: Modernism, Women and Feminism

Panel: Rio Matchett, Katie Dyson, Fran Bigman, Sophie Oliver, Jade French

Rio is a first year Doctoral candidate at the University of Liverpool, and a freelance theatre director. Her research focuses on women in the world of modernist little magazines, and her theatre work strives to give platform to voices that aren’t always lifted up, to tell their own stories in a beautiful and brave way.

Katie is a PhD candidate at Loyola University Chicago. Her dissertation explores the relationship between narrative form and ethics in modernist works from Virginia Woolf to Nathanael West. In her spare time as a freelance writer, she writes about television and pop culture.

Fran is a visiting researcher at Keio University. In 2015, Fran received her PhD from the Faculty of English at the University of Cambridge for a thesis that explores abortion in British literature and film from 1907 to 1967, a topic she has discussed in the TLS and on BBC Women’s Hour. From September 2015 to March 2016, she was a Wellcome Trust Research Fellow in Medical Humanities at the University of Leeds. She holds a BA in History from Brown University and a MPhil in English from the University of Cambridge. She is now working on infertility narratives as well as a documentary about abortion on screen, so if you have suggestions for either, send them her way!

Sophie is in the final months of a PhD at Royal Holloway, University of London, where she also teaches. Her thesis looks at female modernists and fashion – their writing about fashion and the ways in which their writing was subject to fashions. Her work on the subject has been published in a Literature Compass and Modernist Cultures, and she recently curated a small exhibition about Jean Rhys at the British Library.

Jade is a first-year PhD candidate at Queen Mary, University of London. Her research explores the female ageing process in modernist texts, with a specific focus on the late works of H.D, Mina Loy, Djuna Barnes and Jean Rhys. She edited the book Let’s Start a Pussy Riot (2013) and is also a freelance writer and founder of the London-based arts collective Not So Popular.

Featured NTU Researcher: Sofia Aatkar // @SofiaAatkar