Dezeen's top five houses of June 2024

A barrel-vaulted home in Kerala and the renovation of a redwood-clad house in California are two of the most popular houses featured on Dezeen this month.

Also featured is a home in a forest screened by concrete panels, the renovation of a post-war home in east London and a house clad in corrugated metal in Taiwan.

Read on to find out more about Dezeen readers’ favourite houses this month:

Block Wall House by Nendo
Photo by Takumi Ota

Block Wall House, Japan, by Nendo

Japanese design studio Nendo surrounded a triangular home within a forest in Nagano Prefecture with screens of concrete panels.

Named Block Wall House, the home extends 110 metres along the side of a road running through the forested landscape, with the concrete panels screening the house from passing cars.

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Big Sur Home by Electric Bowery
Photo by Chris Mottalini

Big Sur, USA, by Electric Bowery

In Big Sur, California, the co-founder of Electric Bowery renovated a redwood-clad house that was originally designed by well-known local architect Mickey Muennig.

Throughout the design, she aimed to preserve the home’s iconic features, while adding custom furniture.

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The Stoic Wall Residence by Lijo Reny Architects
Photo by Turtle Arts Photography

The Stoic Wall Residence, India, by Lijo Reny Architects

Local studio Lijo Reny Architects designed The Stoic Wall Residence in Kerala, India, to be modern while responding to the tropical climate.

It was constructed from thick laterite walls topped with distinctive barrel-vaulted concrete roofs, with the whole home surrounded by trees.

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Interior of Trove house
Photo by Lorenzo Zandri

Trove House, UK, by Nikjoo

In east London, architecture studio Nikjoo opened up the interiors and added rear and attic extensions to expand and modernise a post-war home.

“The brief was to maximise space and light to create a calm, serene environment that would not only support flexible, modern living but also form a backdrop to playful design interventions,” Nikjoo told Dezeen.

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Double Roof House by Studio Tngtetshiu
Photo by Studio Millspace

Double Roof House, Taiwan, by Studio Tngtetshiu

Local practice Studio Tngtetshiu was informed by the shape and materials of “anonymous” metal buildings found in rural Taiwan for the design of Double Roof House in Tainan.

The home, which includes a warehouse and playground, was designed to contrast with the red-brick church it stands alongside.

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