Deep Sky Trailer Lets Us Gawk at the Sheer Enormity of Outer Space

Space is cool! And big. And, until NASA launched the James Webb Space Telescope (or just JWST, to its friends) into the sky, a place we knew little about.

We still know not nearly enough about space, frankly, but as Michelle Williams excellently points out in a trailer for Deep Sky, the upcoming IMAX documentary about JWST, a telescope is a time machine, and this telescope can see back thirteen billion years.

Here’s the documentary’s synopsis:

Deep Sky follows the high-stakes global mission to build JWST and to launch it into orbit one-million miles from Earth, in an attempt to answer questions that have haunted us since the beginning of time: Where did we come from? How did the universe begin? Are we alone? Thirteen billion years in the making, Deep Sky reveals the universe as we have never seen it before; immersing audiences in the stunning pictures beamed back to earth by NASA’s new telescope—and capturing their vast beauty at a scale that can only be experienced on the giant IMAX screen.

As mentioned above, the forty-minute documentary is narrated by Michelle Williams (The Fabelmans, Venom) and comes from writer-director Nathaniel Kahn. It’s set to premiere in IMAX theaters sometime in October, though the official date has yet to be released.

While we wait, check out this poster that features an awesome image from JWST:

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