Claudia Afshar designs tile collection to bring "depth and dimension to any space"

Promotion: surfaces company Cosentino has collaborated with interior designer Claudia Afshar to launch Dekton Ukiyo, a collection of fluted tiles informed by contemporary Japanese design.

The Dekton Ukiyo line designed by Afshar features tiles with linear fluting that Cosentino says were created to establish depth in both outdoor and indoor spaces – from facades and cladding to kitchen worktops and sinks.

“Its textures bring distinctive depth and dimension to any space, be it residential or commercial,” said Cosentino.

Bromo tiles featured in a kitchen
Bromo is a dark grey shade, informed by metamorphic rocks

According to Cosentino, the tile collection was informed by Japanese contemporary design and aims to “celebrate the art of minimalism and embrace the present.

Dekton collection is designed to awaken the senses and evoke a feeling of wellness by achieving a beautiful, calm state in the space,” said Cosentino. “It embodies a rich palette of sensations, showcasing geometric yet smooth structure that creates harmonious designs both inside and outside.”

Rem tiles featured in a kitchen
Rem has grey and brown veining with hints of gold

The tiles are made from Dekton – a material Cosentino describes as a “revolutionary and innovative ultracompact stone”.

The stone is made from a mixture of more than 20 minerals extracted from nature, using Sinterized Particle Technology (SPT), which is able to “sinter mineral particles making them bond with each other”.

According to Dekton, its press generates 30,000 tons of uniform pressure, which results in a material that has no micro-defects that cause tensions or weak points. This ensures it has “superior technical properties” such as resistance to stains, scratches, thermal shock and UV rays, according to Cosentino.

Rem tiles featured in a living room
Rem has grey and brown veining with hints of gold

The Ukiyo tiles come in five colourways: Bromo, Kreta, Nacre, Umber and Rem. Bromo is a dark grey shade, informed by metamorphic rocks such as slate.

Kreta is based on the shade of cement floors and has a matte texture, while Umber has a terracotta colour that is “closely connected to nature”.

Umber tiles featured in a bathroom
Umber has a terracotta colour that is “closely connected to nature”

Rem has grey and brown veining with hints of gold and Nacre has a “silky finish” that plays with light and shadow.

“Playing with texture is timeless, and it is so important in all materials, not just fabric,” said Afshar. “I have always been inspired by the materials found in nature and making the spaces I design as comfortable, warm and authentic as possible.”

“Ukiyo is calming yet simplistic, and the colourways and fluting are romantic, but also contemporary and masculine to achieve balance,” continued Afshar.

White tiles featured in a bathroom
The collection of fluted tiles was informed by contemporary Japanese design

The tiles are designed for vertical application and come with groves set either 25 millimetres or 11 millimetres apart.

This new series was presented by Cosentino for the first time during its C-Next Designers Europe event, one of Spain’s largest interior design conventions, which gathered hundreds of international designers in Almeria.

To view more about the product, visit the brand’s website.

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