Building a safer internet: The growth of Aura led by Hari Ravichandran

The digital age has undeniably brought with it an explosion of opportunities and breathtaking innovations. Smart cities, AI-driven solutions, virtual realities — the horizon of possibilities seems limitless. However, there’s a flip side to every advancement. With accelerated digitalization, we’ve seen a growing dark underbelly where savvy cyber criminals rule. Hari Ravichandran of Aura is one of the visionaries spearheading the fight for internet security.

Hari’s commitment to cybersecurity stems from a deeply personal encounter. “In 2014, my identity was stolen,” he recounts. “I found out when my bank denied me a mortgage and I realized my credit rating had plummeted. It took some digging, but I eventually figured out that my identity had been hijacked. Sorting out the ramifications was extremely complicated — it took me weeks.”

That experience opened Hari’s eyes to the vulnerabilities that many face in the digital world. While there were tools available for internet security, none offered comprehensive protection. Hari realized that subscribing to multiple services still left gaping vulnerabilities. This glaring gap in the market was the impetus behind Aura, an AI-powered online safety company launched in 2018.

As the CEO of Aura, Hari seeks to offer a holistic approach to Internet security. Combining an array of technical solutions — from antivirus and VPN to password management– Aura doesn’t stop there. It scales its offerings to include identity theft monitoring, spam call filtering and financial fraud protection within a monthly subscription.

Aura and other digital security solution providers are particularly needed in the age of AI. Artificial Intelligence (AI), a groundbreaking force, perfectly exemplifies the challenges internet users face. On one hand, AI offers us unprecedented efficiency, data analysis and even companionship in the form of chatbots. However, on the flip side, malevolent AI programs, crafted in the obscure corners of the digital realm, pose serious threats. From AI-driven phishing attacks to deepfakes that blur the line between reality and falsehood, today’s unprecedented problems require cutting-edge solutions.

But it’s not just AI. With the increasing interconnectivity of devices, there are more vulnerabilities than ever before. Personal data breaches, identity theft and financial fraud are becoming unnervingly common. It’s a paradox of our times: as our digital prowess grows, so do the challenges to safeguard it.

“I am fascinated by the evolution of technology and how this helps make human life better,” Hari shares. This fascination led to his first business, BizLand which later evolved into Endurance International Group (EIG), a global multi-billion-dollar web hosting enterprise.

It’s not every day that a billion-dollar CEO chooses to step back into the realm of startups but that’s exactly what Hari did when he launched Aura. As he explains, his goal wasn’t just about the accolades or the corner office. He is, at his core, a builder and that’s what drew him to the cybersecurity space.

“I believe in the power of technology to do good — that’s why I founded Aura,” Hari explains. Under Hari’s guidance, Aura has not just grown; it has flourished, attaining the coveted unicorn status with a valuation of $2.5 billion. This growth isn’t just a testament to his business acumen but his commitment to creating a safer digital space for future generations.

“Our mission at Aura is to create a safer internet, not for corporations but for individuals,” he explains. “I’m a dad. I have three children, and they’re growing up as digital natives. I want to make sure that they are as safe as possible while exploring online spaces.” With the challenges of the digital age evolving daily, it’s promising to know there are people like Hari Ravichandran working to create a safer internet for everyone.

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