Barefaced AI Skin Coach offers innovative digital approach to consumer skin experience

Barefaced AI Skin Coach offers innovative digital approach to consumer skin

Personalized digital brand experience company Revieve has partnered with US-based indie skin care brand Barefaced to launch what the brand describes as “the first skin care experience of its kind to launch in the U.S.” Barefaced AI Skin Coach is designed to offer an ‘all-encompassing interactive experience’ that is personalized to each consumer needs, while simultaneously providing with invaluable information to support ‘consumer engagement, retention, and brand advocacy,’ shared the company’s press release.

To learn more about Barefaced AI Skin Coach, including how the platform works to elevate the customer’s brand experience, how zero and first-party data is collected and can be leveraged to optimize a beauty brand’s operational decision-making process, and plans for further innovation and development in the beauty tech space, we spoke to Sampo Parkkinen, CEO of Revieve, for his insights.

‘The first of its kind’

Designing and launching Skin Coach required Barefaced and Revieve to acknowledge that “today’s consumers want brands to be part of their lives in a more meaningful way,” said Parkkinen.

To best address this need, “Skin Coach allows brands and retailers to share customers’ challenges, help them achieve their skin goals, and celebrate their success together,” he explained, and “the innovative partnership between Barefaced AI Skin Coach opens new opportunities for companies to tap into continuous engagement throughout the consumer journey, helping foster brand loyalty and customer retention.”

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