Antonio Brown ordered by the court to pay a huge amount in a truck driver assault case

Antonio Brown, a former NFL star receiver, was ordered to pay $1.2million to a truck driver following alleged attacks on him in February 2020.

Broward County court records indicate that Brown did not appear at any hearings and didn’t respond to the case against Anton Tumanov. A jury ruled that Tumanov should receive damages.

Tumanov was awarded 407,040.80 for past and future medical expenses as well as 7,792,959.20 for damages for pain or suffering.

According to the documents, Tumanov and Brown argued over the payment of service for delivering items to Brown’s home. Tumanov claimed Brown had hit him several times, leading to “severe bodily injury,” which was reported by police.

Brown was charged with three offenses, but he reached a compromise with the prosecutors in June 2020. Brown agreed to community service hours, probation, anger management classes, and other conditions to get the case dropped.

Tumanov would sue Brown on May 12, 2021. Former NFL receiver Glenn Holt was also named as a defendant. Holt was Brown’s trainer at that time.

The ex-Pittsburgh Steeler and New England Patriot as well as the Tampa Bay Buccaneer have not been in the limelight lately.

Recently, a video of Brown fully naked at a Dubai hotel pool went viral. The New York Post obtained the video and reported that Brown was expelled from the hotel after the incident occurred on May 14.

Brown did not show any regrets and used the video as an excuse to push himself into the NFL.

He wrote in a crude tweet, “I’m telling all teams that need some offense to pick up AB bc he has shown that he still can expose a D.”

Brown later called the report “disinformation”.

He said, “Every opportunity [the NFL] gets to sway heat off their own they use me.” You can see that she ran off with my swim trunks in the video. If the roles were reversed, headlines would read AB enjoying a wild night with a nude male. But if it’s me, it automatically becomes a hate crime.

Brown has not played in the NFL since his rant in a game between New York Jets and Buccaneers when he famously waved a peace sign and stripped himself of his pads. He then ran into the locker room.

Brown claimed that he was hurt at the time and was being coaxed into playing. Brown’s claims were denied by the Buccaneers.

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