Ajman University presents nine student architecture projects

Dezeen School Shows: a mixed-use site in Dubai that combines transport links and leisure venues is included in Dezeen’s latest school show by students at Ajman University.

Also included is a skyscraper that aims to compile the cultural and environmental facets of UAE-based cities into a single building and an arts university building in Tehran that doubles as a cultural venue.

Institution: Ajman University
School: College of Architecture, Art and Design
Course: Graduation Project II
Tutors: Dr Mohammad S Arar, Prof Sahar Sulaiman, Ms Neveen El Bendary, Ms Ayat El Khazindar and Mr Azzam Habra

School statement:

This course aims to finalise the student’s design education, in which they have achieved excellence and mastered all parts of the architectural design process.

“The student applies the knowledge and skills that they have obtained in a comprehensive graduation project.

“These projects cover the conceptual design stage, stages of development, addressing of site-related issues, structural and construction needs, social and cultural relationships, and computer applications in a cohesive presentation showing the development of the design.”

Visualisation showing a white biomorphic ferry terminal

Dubai Ferry Terminal by Amna Ibrahim Sadoon

“The Dubai ferry terminal signifies a new era in water transportation, designed to serve as a cruise terminal for domestic voyages and future transport needs.

“This initiative aims to boost cruise tourism and generate revenue through public participation and spaces. The architectural concept mimics landscape formations, employing soft transitions to mirror natural shapes and create a dual formation discussion.

“The design aims to capture the fluidity of water and seamlessly blends form and function. Its adaptability allows it to harmonise with its surroundings, promoting both unity and a sense of harmony.

“Ultimately, the Dubai ferry terminal stands as a groundbreaking approach to integrated water transportation and tourism.”

Student: Amna Ibrahim Sadoon
Tutors: Dr Mohammad S Arar and Ms Ayat El Khazindar
Email: amnaalubaidy[at]gmail.com

Visualisation showing an angular site lit up with warm lights

Cultural and Touristic Center by Lamya Eyad Dahhan

“Welcome to Damascus, a captivating cultural centre where heritage meets modern attractions. The project promotes tourism by offering comprehensive information about historical monuments, cultural events and local attractions.

“The exhibition, theatre and traditional Souq will attract visitors while also contributing to the country’s economic growth.

“The project also supports local artisans and craftsmen by serving as a platform for local artisans and craftsmen to showcase and sell their traditional products. Workshops and demonstrations can also be organised to allow visitors to learn about traditional craft techniques.”

Student: Lamya Eyad Dahhan
Tutors: Dr Mohammad S Arar and Ms Ayat El Khazindar
Email: lamyadh99[at]gmail.com

Visualisation showing angular site next to busy road

Sharjah’s Youth Recreational Hub by Maryam Amr Ahmed Kamel Etahan

“Sharjah’s Youth Recreational Hub is an innovative new approach to combining enjoyable, entertaining spaces and recreational activities with public study workspaces dedicated to young individuals, groups and families all under a multi-functional layout.

The project will be utilised year-round by serving as a public social hub where meetings and study sessions are held along with various exciting sports where visitors can experience more leisure-type activities beyond physical wellness only.

“It provides an overall benefit for the community by connecting various functions in Sharjah’s Muwaileh educational-commercial zone, saving commuting time through the city while searching for these normally segregated activities.”

Students: Maryam Amr Ahmed Kamel Etahan
Tutors: Dr Mohammad S Arar and Ms Ayat El Khazindar
Email: maryem.amr[at]hotmail.com

Visualisation showing a riverside museum site

Historical Museum by Ghadeer Rammal

“Located in the South of Lebanon, Sidon is directly connected to Ancient Phoenician history and has an impressive, magnificently displayed collection of archaeological timelines.

“Highlights include Phoenician gilded bronze figurines found buried near the Obelisk Temple at Byblos, a series of human-faced Phoenician sarcophagi and a frescoed Roman tomb.”

Student: Ghadeer Rammal
Tutors: Prof Sahar Sulaiman, Ms Neveen El Bendary and Mr Azzam Habra
Email: ghadeerammal[at]gmail.com

Visualisation showing a educational centre with brightly-coloured sports court in courtyard

University for Advanced Arts, Tehran by Zoha Hosseini

In a city like Tehran, where art is part of the culture and history, designing an educational complex for arts deemed necessary due to the lack of modernisation of current art schools and interest in the youth.

“Creating an appealing university for advanced arts of the future in a cultural location which is used by young adults has shown the potential to be the right approach.

“The design itself follows a journey through different spaces wrapped around a clear pedestrian axis that runs through a site, which has a challenging topography.

“These spaces form a mass and void hierarchy that symbolises the conflict between the informality of aesthetic values of an art institute and formality of a higher education institute.

“Furthermore, influences of traditional Persian architecture stitched with contemporary and sustainable solutions alongside the colourful and bubbly persona of the buildings gives the space an identity to serve as a headquarters for the city’s arts.”

Student: Zoha Hosseini
Tutors: Prof Sahar Sulaiman, Ms Neveen El Bendary and Mr Azzam Habra
Email: Zohahosseini12[at]gmail.com

Visualisation showing a transport hub in the desert

Transportation Hub by Ghazal Riad

“This Transportation Hub is an essential component that helps create a connection between the people and the countries’ landmarks, with passengers travelling between train stations as well as bus and taxi stops.

“My transportation hub is located in the UAE which relates to Etihad railway.

“The design concept is inspired by the wind movement, sand dunes and aerodynamics of the selected site, and I implemented a sustainable approach through the materials by using recycled steel.

“The space structure consists of four layers – tempered glass, anodised aluminium, steel truss roof skin and skeleton frame, as well as waterproofing.

“The hub symbolises the modern development of the UAE.”

Student: Ghazal Riad
Tutors: Prof Sahar Sulaiman, Ms Neveen El Bendary and Mr Azzam Habra
Email: ghazalriadd[at]gmail.com

Visualisation showing an angular, faceted building

Beirut Community Centre by Rana Elkhabbaz

“The Beirut Community Center is a visionary architectural project nestled in the heart of Beirut, Lebanon. It embodies a profound commitment to fostering community growth by intertwining three pivotal goals – education, social interaction and recreation.

“The architecture harmoniously merges nature and human ingenuity. Its defining feature is a series of interconnected triangular roofs, resembling the undulating terrain of Lebanon’s topography.

“This design visually replicates the nation’s geographical compression, mirroring the breathtaking journey from high mountains to the tranquil sea.

“The Beirut Community Center stands as a beacon of unity, offering a welcoming, self-sufficient haven for diverse activities, ultimately nurturing the thriving local community.”

Student: Rana Elkhabbaz
Tutors: Dr Mohammad S Arar and Ms Ayat El Khazindar
Email: ranaelkhabbaz14[at]gmail.com

Visualisation showing a shiny, wavy structure looking out over Dubai

Speed Hub – Dubai’s Transportation Hub by Sarah Osama Seif Aldeen

“Speed Hub is a proposed transportation hub in Dubai that seeks to build a sustainable society by diversifying mobility and minimising traffic.

“Uniting all modes of transportation in one place serves tourists and commercial places and saves time while reducing negative environmental impact.

“It is a complex with different functions and facilities such as a cinema complex, gym, retail outlets and leisure activity areas, all of this will make the DTH a destination by itself and a great place to make memories.

The concept behind the shape of the building reflects the speed, fluidity and continuous movement of both visitors and transportation modes which will make it a landmark not only in Dubai but also in the United Arab Emirates UAE.

Student: Sarah Osama Seif Aldeen
Tutors: Dr Mohammad S Arar and Ms Ayat El Khazindar
Email: S.o76[at]hotmail.com

Visualisation showing skyscraper

Al Reem Skyscraper by Khulood Hussein Al-Fakih

The Al Reem Skyscraper is a unique and complex tower that includes a range of services including offices, a hotel, entertainment venues, and rental units, which serve the entire community in addition to drawing the attention of investors and local companies.

“Al Reem Island is one of the most important areas targeted by the state and the population.

“The project aims to combine all the cultural and environmental elements of UAE cities into a single entity.”

Student: Khulood Hussein Al-Fakih
Tutors: Dr Mohammad S Arar and Ms Ayat El Khazindar
Email: khuloodalmusabi[at]gmail.com

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This school show is a partnership between Dezeen and Ajman University. Find out more about Dezeen partnership content here.

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