Ahsoka’s Wes Chatham Drops a Sly Hint About Captain Enoch’s Future

If you, like me, were very excited when The Expanse’s Wes Chatham was cast on Ahsoka, and then somewhat let down by his relatively small role in the show—you may have reason to get your hopes up again. In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, Chatham mentioned a detail about Enoch’s appearance that may turn out to be very meaningful.

That gold mask of his is not, as it turns out, just a weird-looking metal stormtrooper faceplate. “When I saw the Captain Enoch uniform for the first time, it reminded me of Excalibur,” Chatham told EW, continuing, “And I remember having a conversation with [showrunner] Dave Filoni and he was excited that I picked up that detail.”

Excalibur fans may also have picked up that detail, but it seems quite notable that Chatham mentioned it to the press: This is something he thinks you should know. Or else he’s just teasing us! But I want to believe.

Here’s the thing: Who wears a gold mask (and armor) in Excalibur? That would be Mordred, son of Morgana. If you know your Arthurian mythology, you probably just went Ohhhhhhh, I see. If you do not know your Arthuriana, then the rest of this post might be considered hypothetical spoilers.

Mordred is also Arthur’s bastard son, who later demands his father’s crown. When the two eventually meet on the battlefield, no one really walks away from the fight.

I’m not sure I think this means Enoch is Thrawn’s son, but if the mask is to hide a blue visage, well, that would be one interesting reason for it. But I do think this means there is much more to Enoch than we saw in the first season, and that he will not stay loyal to Thrawn forever. If you’d like to layer in additional theories, you might also consider the origin of his name.

Ahsoka will return for a second season eventually. You can watch the first season on Disney Plus.

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