23 of the Best Plants for Your Home Office

They are clump-forming and top out at one to two feet tall, spilling over the side of their containers.

Maidenhair ferns (Adiantum spp.) are slow growers and rarely need repotting, though they do prefer a humid environment, and be sure to water enough to keep them moist but never soggy.

A square product photo of a maidenhair fern sitting on a brick counter against a gray background.

Maidenhair Fern

They have a reputation for being difficult to grow, but if you’re spending a lot of time working in your office, you’ll be well-placed to tend to their needs!

Adiantum raddianum is available in four- and six-inch containers from Nature Hills Nursery.

13. Parlor Palm 

Parlor Palms (Chamaedorea elegans) are popular houseplants for good reason – they are hardy, undemanding, and thrive in indirect or low lighting.

Elegant and easy to care for, these tropical palms feature dark green fronds that emerge from a single trunk, and can grow up to three or four feet tall indoors.

During the summer months, keep the soil consistently moist but not waterlogged, and when winter rolls around, wait until the top two inches of soil has dried out.

A square product photo of a parlor palm sitting on a wooden floor and lit from the left by a sunny window.

Parlor Palm

The perfect solution to brighten up a dreary corner – you can find parlor palms available for purchase from Perfect Plants Nursery.

Learn more about growing parlor palms in our guide.

14. Peace Lily 

These easy to grow tropical evergreens can certainly add some cheer to any indoor space.

If set in a location with bright sunlight, peace lilies (Spathiphyllum spp.) will produce white flowers in early summer through fall.

They will also grow in low light conditions, just don’t expect blooms. The upright waxy green foliage is attractive enough on its own, so they still make wonderful houseplants regardless of whether or not they flower.

A square product photo of a peace lily on a brick counter against a gray background.

Peace Lily

Peace lilies can grow up to six feet tall in optimal conditions, but indoors you can expect them to stay around a foot tall, if that. You can allow the top inch of soil to dry out between waterings.

You can find potted peace lilies available from Nature Hills Nursery.

Our guide to growing peace lilies has more information about these easy-care plants.

15. Peperomia

This genus of tropical plants contains more than 1500 species, with many being popular as houseplants. The Peperomia genus features many different varieties with thick, fleshy foliage, often with beautiful colors and variegations.

All are low maintenance, need minimal water, and do well in medium to bright, indirect light.

There is a huge variety of different types, from the radiator plant with its textured leaves, to the succulent P. graveolens ‘Ruby Glow’ which features a mounding growth habit topping out at about 10 inches tall.

A vertical product photo of a Ruby Glow peperomia in a square black nursery pot.

‘Ruby Glow’ Peperomia

You can find ‘Ruby Glow’ peperomia plants in two-and-a-half-inch pots available from Hirt’s Gardens via Walmart.

Learn more about how to grow ‘Ruby Glow’ in our guide.

16. Philodendron

There are hundreds of species of Philodendron, many of which are easygoing houseplants. They typically have large glossy green leaves, and come in both vining and upright varieties.

Vining types can grow from hanging baskets or up a small trellis, and non-climbing varieties make excellent container specimens. Depending on the type, they generally require watering when the top inch or two of soil has dried out.

If you’re interested in a climbing philodendron, P. hederaceum ‘Brasil’ is a gorgeous heart-leaf cultivar with variegated yellow and gold foliage.

The vines grow up to 15 feet long and look fabulous trailing over the side of a cabinet or in a hanging basket.

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Philodendron ‘Brasil’

You can find ‘Brasil’ available in six-inch pots from the American Plant Exchange via Amazon.

‘Congo Rojo’ is a beautiful upright variety with stunning leaves that emerge ruby red and turn green as they age.

Perfect for the larger office space where you want to make a big statement! This one grows up to three feet tall and wide at maturity.

A square product photo of a Congo Rojo philodendron sitting on an end table in front of some brightly lit windows.

‘Congo Rojo’

You can find ‘Congo Rojo’ available at Planting Tree.

And for more information about growing philodendrons, check out our guide.

17. Pothos 

Pothos (Epipremnum aureum) are tropical vines that can be grown in hanging pots or as tabletop specimens.

One of the most popular houseplants, they do well in low or indirect light, and can be grown in well-draining houseplant soil or directly in a jug of water.

Featuring dark green, glossy foliage, there are variegated cultivars that have leaves streaked in bright green or yellow.

The vines can grow up to 10 feet long, and can be trained up a moss pole or allowed to cascade over the side of a pot. Water when the soil dries out completely – these pothos hate being overwatered!

A square product shot of a golden pothos removed from its pot isolated on a white background.

Golden Pothos

You can find golden pothos with golden-yellow variegation available from Perfect Plants Nursery.

Learn more about growing pothos in our guide.

18. Snake Plant

Snake plants (Dracaena trifasciata syn. Sansevieria trifasciata) are slow-growing broadleaf evergreens with tall deep green and yellow striped leaves.

They typically grow to be about two feet tall indoors, though occasionally taller, and can thrive for years with minimal care.

Snake plants do fine in low or bright light and need watering only once every couple weeks, when the soil has dried out.

‘Zeylanica’ features light green leaves with darker green zebra-striping, making a lovely low-maintenance addition to your home office.

A square product photo of a Zeylanica snake plant sitting on a stool in a home office.

‘Zeylanica’ Snake Plant

You can find ‘Zeylanica’ in three-gallon pots available from Fast Growing Trees.

Our guide to growing snake plants has more information.

19. Spider Plant

Spider plants (Chlorophytum comosum) are some of the most common houseplants around.

With long, striped grasslike leaves that hang down, they are the perfect choice for a hanging basket.

They also produce small plantlets that dangle from trailing stems from the parent plants, resembling spiders on a web.

These super hardy perennials are popular with novice gardeners because they are tolerant of neglect, adapt well to low or indirect light, and don’t mind being pot bound.

A square product photo of a spider plant on a brick counter with a gray background.

Spider Plant

Native to warm, humid climates, they do prefer somewhat frequent watering – when the top inch of soil dries out.

You can find spider plants in six-inch containers available from Nature Hills Nursery.

You can learn more about growing spider plants in our guide.

20. Tillandsia

Tillandsia is a genus of about 650 species of perennial evergreens in the Bromeliad, or Bromeliaceae, family.

Air plants, as they are commonly known, are unique in that they receive water and nutrients through the air, and do not need to be grown in soil.

They do need bright, indirect light to thrive indoors, so these are perfect for an office space with some natural light.

Since they are not rooted in soil air plants can’t be watered in the traditional way, instead they should be submerged in water for a few hours about once a week, or whenever the leaves start to curl inward.

Most air plants are pretty small, just a few inches tall, ideal for the more compact space.

A square product photo of assorted air plants on a white background.

Assorted Air Plants Tillandsia

Ready to try growing some of these unique plants? Succulent Gardens sells a collection of assorted Tillandsia to help you get started.

You can learn more about growing air plants here.

21. Weeping Fig

Weeping figs (Ficus benjamina) are small trees that feature large arching branches and glossy dark green or variegated foliage.

Popular indoor trees, they are slow-growing and can be easily pruned to your desired height and shape.

Weeping figs can grow up to ten feet tall if you allow them, but some cultivars stay much smaller, topping out at just a few feet in height.

This one does require bright light so it does best in an office that gets some natural sunlight. If you have the space, this is a good selection for a sunny corner.

They can be a bit fussy about water, so you’ll need to check the soil frequently and water when the top two inches dries out.

A square product photo of a weeping fig on a brick counter with a gray background.

Weeping Fig

You can find weeping figs available from Nature Hills Nursery.

And check out our guide to growing weeping figs for full details.

22. Zebra Plant

Zebra plant (Haworthiopsis fasciata) is a fun little succulent with thick white-striped leaves that bears some resemblance to aloe. It rarely needs water and doesn’t require much in the way of sunlight – It can do well in artificial fluorescent lighting.

Only a few inches in size, this petite specimen is perfect for a desk with little space.

A square product photo of a zebra plant against a rock background.

Zebra Plant

Nature Hills Nursery sells a three pack that includes zebra cactus along with thimble cactus (Mammillaria gracilis fragilis), and string of pearls (Curio rowleyanus).

These three space-saving succulents have similar growing requirements and can be grown in a single container for a unique tabletop arrangement.

You can learn more about growing haworthias in our guide.

23. ZZ Plant

ZZ plants (Zamioculcas zamiifolia) are slow-growing evergreens with waxy, dark green foliage that can reflect sunlight and really add some shine to your workspace.

Maturing very slowly to a couple of feet tall and wide, they can sit happily on an office desk for years.

Drought-tolerant and content in low-light conditions, you won’t have much to worry about with these easygoing specimens.

Water when the soil is dry several inches down, as they are prone to root rot if they are overwatered.

A square product photo of a ZZ plant in a blue ombre pot sitting on a desk.

ZZ Plant

You can find ZZ plants in six-inch, two-gallon, and three-gallon containers available from Fast Growing Trees.

And check out our guide to growing ZZ plants for more information.

Create Your Zen Workspace 

Whether you have a large well-lit office space, or spend your working hours in a small dark room, it’s not hard to find a low maintenance houseplant companion to beautify your space.

A horizontal photo of a home office with a desk against a wooden paneled wall and a large houseplant in the corner.

What are your favorite plants to decorate a home office? We would love to hear from you in the comments below!

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