Modernist Archive Share

Launching our new campaign. Offer a little of your time to help others.

Supporting Other Scholars.

Archives are essential to modernist research. In the wake of fantastic digitization ventures such as MAPP and the Modernist Journals Project, this has never been more obvious. The Beinecke, the Harry Ransom Center, the Huntington Library, The Keep and a broad range of other repositories are continually plundered with fervour. Nonetheless, for many, archives remain inaccessible. Fiscal constraints, childcare issues, disabilities and more prevent researchers from travelling to archives across the globe, even for a short time. That is why the Modernist Podcast is launching a new campaign, set to run throughout 2018.

For the next twelve months, we will be trialing a new page on the site: Archive Share. On this page researchers will be able to offer a small portion of their time photographing, scanning or taking notes on another scholar’s behalf. We hope that this will make archive material more accessible, encourage knowledge sharing, foster collaboration, allow relationships to be formed and spark interesting research. In the age of digital humanities, our collaborative potential expands ever outwards to new and exciting horizons. Within this landscape, time sharing is a small, but important, gesture.

Whether you are visiting an archive for a week and can offer an hour, or you live next door to an archive and can offer a day a month, we heartily encourage researchers from all corners of modernist studies to share a little of their time. The campaign will only be as strong as its members, so please do spread the word and consider supporting your peers. During this process, we ask researchers to be mindful and respectful of rules set by archives, as well as to comply with copyright law.

Interested? Offer your time here.