Prioritising Panellists of Colour

Founded in late 2016 and starting in January 2017, the Modernist Podcast has been an exciting journey for each of us involved. We are overwhelmed by the support from the Modernist community, as well as incredibly happy that we have panellists for all our upcoming episodes. Equally, we are excited that each of our episodes feature women, and that we will not be hosting any all-male panels. However, as we enter March and prepare Episode 3, we are aware that our panels are overwhelmingly white. Because of this, the podcast will be prioritising panellists of colour for all panels in 2017.

Racism is a deeply embedded structural issue within the academic community, and one which we aim to challenge, rather than be complicit in. Overall, 92.4 per cent of professors in the UK are white, while just 0.49 per cent are black. Only 15 black academics are in senior management roles. For women of colour, this issue is even further entrenched, with the Runnymede Trust finding just 17 black female professors in their recent study. As an educational podcast, this is a fact that we would like to draw attention to, and be aware of ourselves.

This is a general call out to all researchers and academics working in the field to help us spread the message and ensure that our panels are as diverse as possible. As each show currently has at least three panellists already, we will not be accepting any further white panellists for 2017. We are willing to make space for panellists of colour on any of our upcoming episodes, including Episode 3, Transatlantic Modernism. If you are in the UK, we can travel to you to make the recording. If you are abroad, all you need is a Dictaphone or good quality phone app, we can do the rest! To get involved, just send us a Tweet @Podernism, or email us at

Many thanks!

The Modernist Podcast