14 Smart, Easy S'mores Hacks To Level Up This Classic Dessert Snack

Everyone knows the classic s’mores: graham crackers, marshmallows, and chocolate gooeyness. It’s the quintessential summer treat! In fact, Google searches for “s’mores” tips, tricks, and recipes spike during this time of year — presumably because it’s camping season, and what goes better with camping than s’mores? Fortunately, TikTok comes through once again with fresh twists on this popular dessert snack. From portable s’mores to adding unexpected ingredients (yes, including deep-fried s’mores), you’ll have a s’more for every occasion.

Camp the night away with a few s’more recipes in your back pocket and a crackling bonfire. Alternatively, you can make these delicious treats from the comfort of your home. That way, you can beat the summer heat and test which hack will be your family‘s favorite. By night’s end, you’ll have enough to satisfy any sugar craving for the summer.

Keep reading for a list of must-do methods and recipes that will leave you thinking, Why haven’t I tried this before?

1. S’mores Dip

Spice up dip night with this hack! Melt chocolate and marshmallows for the easiest mess-free dessert dish.

2. Walking S’mores

Have you ever wanted to walk with portable s’mores? This hack does just that by mixing mini cookies — or honestly, mini anything — with melted marshmallows.

3. Reese’s Cup S’mores

Got a peanut butter lover in the fam? Ditch the classic chocolate bar for a Reese’s Cup to add depth and PB-goodness to your s’mores.

4. S’mores Croissants

Bread with anything is already a delicious treat! Transform your s’more into a chocolate croissant by swapping your graham cracker for this classic flaky bakery item.

5. Frozen S’mores

Who said s’mores couldn’t be cold? @macy.blackwell shows the perfect treat to beat the summer heat.

6. Marshmallow Fluff S’mores Hack

File this under genius ideas you wish you knew about sooner: dipping Rice Krispies treats into fluffy melted marshmallows. Try dipping other snacks as well to really level up.

7. S’mores Bars

Whether you’re having a backyard cookout and it’s just too hot for a campfire or hosting a party in your home and want to bring the camping vibes indoors, these s’mores bars are the perfect pick.

8. S’mores Chocolate Chip Cookies

If you’re worried about your non-existent baking skills (no worries, me too), this hack doesn’t require the baker in you. Take some cookie dough and bake it with your s’mores, and soon, you’ll have bakery-worthy treats to surprise your family with.

9. S’mores Cones

Arguably, one of the best dessert combos involves mixing warm and cold temperatures in one bite: cake and ice cream, cream puffs, and now, thanks to @keebler, s’mores cones.

10. S’mores Brownies

Calling all brownie lovers! Did you know your s’mores could get even sweeter? Add some brownies the next time you make s’mores for a more powerful punch of chocolate.

11. Deep-Fried S’mores

The great thing about TikTok is that sometimes you don’t even realize you’re craving something until you see it in a video. It’s time to add these deep-fried delights to my next dessert list.

12. The Chocolate-Marshmallow Trick

@tymaylay shares the best way to add more chocolate gooeyness without immediately melting it: Cut a hole in your marshmallow and stuff in a few chocolate bits for a chocolate explosion in your mouth.

13. S’mores Caddy

Caddies are the absolute best when it comes to organizing anything. So, when you’re getting ready for the family bonfire, try this hack that @justthebells10 swears will make your life easier.

14. S’mores Eggo Minis

Forget about the graham crackers! Replace them with warm, toasted Eggo Minis for a combo that’ll have you in a chokehold all summer long.

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