😱 World Cup Danger? The Stadiums in the United States Are MUCH Smaller


😱 World Cup Danger? The Stadiums in the United States Are MUCH Smaller

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There is no doubt that the ongoing Copa América is a significant test for the United States as it aims to host another World Cup. The last World Cup held in the US was in 1994, but this time it will be shared with Canada and Mexico.

However, the stadiums in the US are primarily designed for American football. As a result, they are much narrower than usual and are at the regulatory limit. Unlike those used in the World Cup, they are FOUR meters narrower, resulting in over 400 square meters less playing area.


The worst news is that many venues cannot be expanded. For example, the Arrowhead Stadium, where the United States played against Uruguay yesterday, presented a very concerning image.


The most significant test comes from the Exploria Stadium in Orlando, which was resized during this Copa América to match other stadiums that cannot be enlarged. This photo highlights the difference by showing the lines that have been erased.


Do you think this will affect the game in the next World Cup?

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